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Center for Cognitive Studies
Trnava University, Faculty of Philosophy
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Welcome to the website of the Center for Cognitive Studies
at Trnava University in Slovakia
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The Center for Cognitive Studies at TU is a research unit for the graduate interdisciplinary program in cognitive science, psychology, and philosophy. The Center offers MA degree in Cognitive Studies and conducts academic research. (Info)

Master Degree in Cognitive Studies
Description of the program

The Cognitive Studies MA program offers 4 semester (2 year) study opportunity of the main topics related to human mind and cognition, such as perception theory, game theory, cognitive linguistics, philosophy of mind and consciousness, cognitive neuroscience, theory of information. A few corses on scientific ethodology and evolution are included in the program.

The study is in English with a possibility of spending some time in partner institutions abroad.

Students will gain general knowledge and an orientation in the subject which will allow them to specialise as creative researchers in cognitive science and apply modern scientific methods, concepts, as well as programming skills in empirical research fields such as: psychology, philosophy, neuroscience and linguistics; to work effectively as individuals, as members or head of a team, including multidisciplinary research and development teams.

The study of our program leads to an MA diploma (Cognitive Studies) and opens the possibility of further studying for a PhD. in cognitive science (or in related disciplines, e.g. Systematic Philosophy), or in related fields (e.g. psychology, neuroscience, linguistics) at other faculties in Slovakia and abroad;

In the program are included lectures by reknown international professionals (see more).
In the recent years: Paul Thagard (Waterloo University), Peter Gärdenfors (Lund University), David Perrett (St. Andrews University), Ronald de Sousa (Toronto University), Alan Hájek (Australian National University), Fiona Mcpherson (Glasgow University), Ernest Sosa (Rutgers University), Anthony Steinbock (Southern Illinois University Carbondale), Richard Gray (Cardiff University), Timothy Williamson (Oxford University), Semir Zeki (Kings College London).

Department of Philosophy, Center for Cognitive Studies
Faculty of Philosophy and Arts
Trnava University
Hornopotočná 23, 918 43 Trnava, Slovakia

BA program in Philosophy
An optimal preparation for our MA program in Cogntive Studies

Six 6 semester (3 year) study program in English
of the main topics of Philosophy (History of philosophy from Ancient philosophy to Philosophy of the 21st century, Logics, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Ethics, Aesthetics, Anthropology, Philosophy of Religion) leads to BA diploma (in Philosophy).
Students have the possibility of spending some time in partner institutions (via Erasmus +).
The program prepares students for creative researchers in philosophy and other related areas. It also opens the possibility of studying a MA in Philosophy or in Cognitive Studies (or in related disciplines at the Faculty).

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